From the designer, Errol Arendz " We're kicking off the season with The Guszel Combat, because urban woman warriors need a fierce pair of heels!"

Errol Arendz summer collection, available in stores this month, holds an investment all women covet - fashion-forward high heels, to strut their way into summer. Take a roadtrip through a new fashion landscape with the Guzel Combat. The Guzel Combat shoe, born with South African flavor, opens up the feet with cool and breezy cut-outs. Leaving behind the simplicity of standard coloured high heels; the Guzel Combat’s lime green, glistening toe strap and combat pink strap infused with a gold contoured strap make for a shoe that is contemporary, hard-wearing and striking.

Spotted on the runway at Mercedez Benz Fashion Week with Shana Morland!

The juxtaposed colours grab the eye and offer women styling with a unique air of individuality. The multiple straps across the foot allow you to breathe and their soft suede texture provide a platform that is comfortable without compromising beauty – giving you the confidence to slide into summer effortlessly. Walk on the edge of fashion with this dramatic statement heel.

Shop the shoe at shop.errolarendz.co.za for R1390.00

See what Errol Arendz has to say about shoe tips and trends this winter

Chunky block heals, suede over-the-knee boots and metallic embellishments, these are the three must have’s for the season. Errol Arendz talks to Glamour Magazine on how to take a simple dress from day to night, all by the help of knowing which heal to wear with what!

With the cold creeping in, calls for stable and reliable heels are upon us. Errol Arendz advises us to look for rubber on the heel and sole, so that we can walk with both style and ease. A shoe with leather in soles will allow the foot to breathe and deem as a lot less painful as opposed to the synthetic lining in shoes we often find.

Lastly, every girl has to make their favorite shoe last forever! Do this by avoiding cobblestone and uneven surfaces, as this can damage the heel of your shoe. If this does so happen, be sure to replace the rubber immediately as the heal could wear down and become rough and uneven. Storing your shoes in a shoe bag will also help avoid dust and scratches – an investment for an elegant shoe rack, well, what girl doesn’t like looking at her shoes all lined up in a row?

Errol’s picks for the season from his current collection are:

1. Archird – Nautical
2. The Cursa
3. Mizar Coal

How to accessorize

Introducing the black and cream, dainty and scallop designed heel from Errol Arendz, the Chara. Boasting its exuberant and dainty flower-like style, the chara can be best paired, alongside its complimentary clutch bag, The St Tropez.

With chic and simply worn feministic fashion, items such as brightly coloured coats and jackets, tight and accentuating corporate wear, these styles can be easily accessorized with this power duo. The seasonal collection brags fashion that can be worn from boardroom straight to the bar, with these stripes – we’ll be sure to guarantee unconscious elegance!

From Geisha to Grazia

Step inside the heel of embroided satin and Asian inspired wonder: The Geisha. Featuring in the June edition of Grazia, Errol Arendz’s oriental flair for such a design is paired with the likes of prints, brightly coloured garments and investment pieces.

Errol Arendz’s Geisha comes in two styles, Dusk and Tyl. This Perfectly patterned shoe, embodied with silk on the ankle and leather on the tip, can be perfectly paired with a modern geisha look of Japanese inspired print dresses and unstructured silk jackets. Go Geisha with this oriental look and say hello to floral patterned walkways and a new seasonal style of Asian aesthetics.

Are you prepared for the on-stare? We think so.